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Course Objectives and Grading


The objectives of this course are:

  • Learning to do ethical historical research on the recent past;
  • Learning how to create accessible, richly-cited digital history narratives that make your research transparent;
  • Completing the course with a completed, or provisionally completed, historical project based on primary research that can teach someone else how to do research, be presented to a potential employer and/or be displayed publicly.
  • Learning to be respectful of the communities who we learn about and return our research to them.


Congratulations! You just began the course with 100 points, the equivalent of an A+. Because this class depends heavily on both creativity and participation, should you continue to do the work you will maintain your excellent grade.

  • doing the in-class exercises and written exercises planned around our readings;
  • learning the digital skills necessary to the project you undertake;
  • completing web-based work in a timely manner;
  • writing four short blog posts (this might mean contributing a relevant document, image or video to our blog) during the course of the semester;
  • presenting your final work, either alone or as part of a group;
  • attending our New York Public Library¬†workshop sessions;
  • coming to class; and
  • arriving in class on time.

No one gets a better grade by being “more creative” than the next person: ideally, by collaborating and sharing ideas, and being present, we will achieve more than any of us might achieve alone. So that everyone knows where s/he stands, each student will be asked to evaluate him or herself according to the criteria outlined above. The professor will keep track of lateness, any absences, and whether evaluations and blog posts have been completed.

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